Hello and nice to meet you all!

I am NLBLackEagle, better known for my minecraft creations and the mod Dregora which is a huge map for server owners to use. So, you may ask youself what the heck has that to do with 7 days to die? Simply replace the words Minecraft with 7d2d and Dregora with Anarchy and you will find yourselves the answer.

The Creation
So i started creating this 8192x8192 map following another ( red ) eagle's and guppy's ( they may be the same person ) tutorials to get a grasp on how it all works. Some heightmapping, biomecolorizing, splatting... A custom prefab here, a prefab pack there a city, a river and some roads ahead I found myself creating not a half bad map for the server Anarchy

When will it be available for download?
This forum post will be there to share some of the work on this map which will be released on Anarchy first and after a wipe here as well, starting with my custom Fallout Vault 81 prefab ( it says 037 in the video but this has been changed )


REACTOR ( since the original fallout reactors are a joke )

AFS ( Air filtration system )



More video's and screenshots about highlights on the map and the map itself will follow!