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    Nuka Factory

    Well, figured it was time to show off my first prefab, the Nuka Cola Factory! Based off the building from Fallout 3.

    Anyone who knows those games knows sometimes the way the building looks outside versus what the interior looks like once you enter it doesn't always make total sense. So I had to make a few changes, and I omitted I think one room due to space constraints. But I still think it came out good. It's much closer to the original on the inside as I built all the interior areas and then basically just encased it and prettied it up afterwards.

    It will have a mod that is required for it that includes a few blocks I have added to make it look better. And it also includes new Nuka beverages! Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Quartz, and Nuka Quantum have all been added, each with their own buffs.

    I'm still tweaking a few things and making sure it's as complete as possible.

    Here are a few screens. Probably not gonna show off the entire thing:

    Nuka Factory Prefab:

    There will be 2 versions, Nuka Factory that requires the Nuka Colas mod as it will add in custom blocks and some other goodies. And also a vanilla version, Nuka Factory Vanilla, if you'd rather not have to use the mod along side the prefab.


    Nuka Colas Git:
    Nuka Colas Nexus:
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