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Thread: WARNING A Player Can Spawn CheatMenu Items Into Anyones game...

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    Exclamation WARNING A Player Can Spawn CheatMenu Items Into Anyones game...

    Hi, I though it would warn every one by a player that goes by the name of KuShSmOkInBoSs is griefing people by attempting to bribe/convince them to friend them by exploiting the game that they can spawn in cheat menu items into online multiplayer games. I had this happen to me as he tried to convince me to friend him as I said to him I treat every one fairly & one must gain my trust to earn my respect/friendship but he go mad & said he would grief me by destroying my work with his spawned in rocket launchers... I know he isn't lying as he sent me an image of him holding bedrock in his inventory on my world.

    Bedrock in Inventory:
    Him placing bedrock (Day 48) same day as my world:
    Other proof done on other worlds: - spawns in 4-5 flags building of some sort - spawns in cars...

    this is very disconcerting on how he does it + abusing his power this why we need an update to this game fast as the console version is getting worse especially with a dangerous exploit such as this...

    wouldn't care less if he didn't have a gamebreaking exploit..
    i also believe he a part of one of the following PS4 Communities:

    Skippy0330 PS4 7 days to die - Owner: skippy0330
    7 Days To Dir - Owner: SixMonkeyClan
    7 DAYS TŘ DIE - Owner: xONExPUNCHxMANx
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    Bedrock is something that can be mined in the game. All tho not mend to be but still possible.
    I am wondering how someone can spawn that in while the option is normally disabled.

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