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Thread: Force a dedicated server to use a specific IP.

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    Force a dedicated server to use a specific IP.

    Its been awhile since I have hosted a 7 Days server. I have a default IP on a dedicated server and added an additional IP specifically for this game. The problem I have is making the game server use that IP. Some games seem to be easy to move to a specific IP but in this case I cannot get it to go where I want.

    In the config I have;

    <!-- Networking -->
    <property name="ServerIP" value="***.***.***.204"/>

    Stars are covering the true IP. Is there a better way that works or can this be done in the batch file. If so, how?

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    I am not aware of a method with Unity to tell it to select a specific IP or adapter.

    If you are hosting on Linux, you could probably tie the process to using the specific IP address or ethernet adapter. It's a pretty complex setup though.

    It would probably be easier to just bind the whole server to that IP gateway.

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