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Thread: Playing Alpha 7, yup time travel!

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    Playing Alpha 7, yup time travel!

    As someone who has tons of hours in Alpha 15 and above I wondered what the game used to be like. After Red Eagle LXIX posted a way to download all previous builds I went and got Alpha 7. A few discoveries:

    1. Lots more zombies and they really run
    2. Dogs everywhere
    3. How the heck do you craft!
    4. I HAVE FEET!

    So I've posted my first day. If I can figure out how to craft things I'll be good.....maybe! Definitely a different play style! If you've seen my other streams this is solo, no Lenz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmole View Post
    The game loads and does not require a spacebar to start.
    I had to laugh, shortly after reading the above I played my first Alpha 7......."Press Enter to Start" at the beginning

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    @Spiked_Coffee I watched that stream and it was hilarious! Busted out laughing when you said "I have feet".

    Watching you trying to figure out how to craft made me really appreciate the starter quests. Really hard to fight off zombies, especially all the zombie dogs you ran into, with just your fists and no idea how to craft anything. I've only played from the tail end of 16.4 onward so sadly I'm of no help in how to craft stuff, but hopefully an old timer will help out.

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