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Thread: OMG Amazon (germany)

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    OMG Amazon (germany)

    My current package tracking

    Versendet mit Amazon
    Trackingnummer xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Freitag, 7. Juni

    3:59 AM
    Paket ist in der letzten Lieferstation angekommen
    Köln, DE

    12:10 AM
    Das Paket hat einen Amazon-Standort verlassen.
    Krefeld, KREFELD DE

    Donnerstag, 6. Juni

    11:27 PM
    Das Paket ist an einem Amazon-Standort eingetroffen.
    Krefeld, KREFELD DE

    8:47 PM
    Das Paket hat einen Amazon-Standort verlassen.
    Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia DE
    From Cologne to Krefeld (50km) back to cologne (50km) and from there to me (10km)

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    At least it's more efficient than US Postal.

    I've had a package go from Florida, to Tennessee, back to Georgia, over to Colorado, then New York, before finally reaching Ohio and Michigan then me.

    What's really sad is that it took longer to get to me from Florida than it took to get through customs, and the boat across the atlantic combined.

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    It had been a few days so I got on to check mine and it showed that it was not far from me like an hour maybe and been at the location for 2 days. I called and said hey if you not goin to send it out I'll come pick it up. They got it to me that day. Lol

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    Watch it there Sylen...

    ^^points at user name^^

    Lol though we do see some strange occurrences and it normally has to do with someone not doing their job correctly which gives us all a bad name...

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