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Thread: Version 17.4 (B4) AWG not handling water correctly.

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    Version 17.4 (B4) AWG not handling water correctly.

    I think the latest version dorked up the AWG's handling of water on the maps. When you look at the preview that comes up after generating a new map, you will see water biomes around. But when you start up the game and play on the map, and visit one of the lakes, you will find it is not there. In fact, water has become quite scarce on all maps seems to me.

    Here you can recreate it:
    1. Start a new game, choose to generate a map, 8192 size, use advanced button to get a preview,
    - or -
    1. Use the Editor Tools option from the main menu to generate the map.

    ----- use key code: SheWillHateMe

    2. When map generation completes and the preview image is presented, zoom all the way out. Then look at coordinates approximately 2000N 2000W (halfway North, halfway West) and you will see a fairly large lake depicted there at that location.

    3. Start the game up using the new map, run to location of lake, observe no lake there.

    You can repeat this procedure on other maps, of other sizes, using other key codes, and witness the same thing every time.

    It is interesting to note that small bodies of water are both depicted on the preview map and appear in the actual map correctly. This evidently only happen for medium to large size lakes/rivers/ponds. Sux when you have your heart set on building a water base...

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    I generated an 8K map using SheWillHateMe, and the preview showed a body of water at 1600N 3000W give or take. I did a flyover of the entire area, and while the biomes are correct, the lake is missing. It's in the middle of a forest area on the preview, but I covered the entire forest area, and there is no lake there. The biome borders are correct, but no water is there at all.

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