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Thread: Zed pathing broken

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    Zed pathing broken

    The pathing of zombies in A17 seems extremely broken (not to mention the way they'll dig straight down rather than through a simple iron door). From what I read, the AI shuld be weighing path options vs breaking through blocks; however, they seem to almost always choose to go through blocks over pathing. I was clearing the Ostrich Hotel yesterday, and the zeds were hacking away at the walls, when they could easily take a path through a doorway that is two blocks away from both of us. Possibly something to look at. It's not really a huge issue, but it is super annoying when you're clearing a building and you can hear zombies everywhere hacking away at walls instead of coming straight to you. It makes it very hard to hear the zombies nearest to you.

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    I don't think it's broken, per say. I think what you witnessed was a moment of randomness that they added in as a temporary fix for zombies being "too smart" while at the same time trying to stop people from making structures that cheese the AI.

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