I'm just gonna toss this out there like a fart in the wind and hope that either the dev's consider it or a modder considers it.

1: Add Graphite as a rare mine-able ore item
2: Add Graphite powder item (It's like the gunpowder only more grey and less black)
3: Add Contaminated Graphene (It looks like the above)
4: Add Graphene Powder (It looks like the above)

2: Create "Hydrolysis bath" item (It's a battery bank with positive and negative wires dunked into a bucket)
3: Add Deionized water item (It's just a jar of water re-processed at the chem bench)

So it should go something like this:

Add Graphite ore to Workbench to make Graphite Powder
Add Graphite Powder to Hydrolysis bath
Add Deionized Water to Hydrolysis bath

Output = Contaminated Graphene

Bring the Contaminated Graphene to the Chem station and combine with Acid

Output = Graphene Powder

Bring the Graphene Powder to the cement mixer and combine with concrete

Output = Graphene reinforced concrete


Well that's just my idea, take it or leave it as they say.