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Thread: General Prefab Editor Question: Terrain tools?

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    General Prefab Editor Question: Terrain tools?

    Being somewhat new to the modding/designing community here, I am picking up on all kinds of poorly documented tips and tricks about things during my travels. I am wondering if I am missing something, or it simply doesn't exist.

    When designing prefabs, are there any hidden terrain smoothing tools or are we limited to block placement only?

    That is, should I go further into an outdoor builds, it would be nice to not make it completely flat, or look bumpy/ramp like when adding terrain. I suppose you could do partial shoveling, but that sounds painful and you'd have partially damaged blocks all over the place.

    Does this exist? If not, has it already been a requested topic?


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    I did an large outdoor prefab that will be an entrance to some other stuff underground. What I did was to create a map with terrain that matched what i wanted in the prefab so that it would look natural, I chopped the entire piece out and exported it as a prefab. I then framed around the terrain with rebar concrete as its outside borders, except for the very top edges, which i covered with terrain and then set the prefab to 'allow topsoil decorations' in Pilles editor. I then built what i wanted inside the terrain. I think in order to remove damage done during the process, you can do so using block density settings.

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    Only way to do terrain work in prefab editor is selecting the terrain you want to edit with z, then using the up and down arrow keys to raise or lower it. Very tedious but atleast there is a copy paste function to help a small bit. 😁

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