After posting several times on forums or try to find help on reddit, i haven't find out how to fix the claim block problem. It's 3 months now i administrate a public server with correct config file but setting is not apply to claim block. They can build, break and more even it's inside the claim (allies or not). I would like some real help please.

Anyone can fix this issues please ?

<property name="LandClaimCount" value="1" />
<property name="LandClaimSize" value="100" />
<property name="LandClaimDeadZone" value="60" />
<property name="LandClaimExpiryTime" value="7" />
<property name="LandClaimDecayMode" value="2" />
<property name="LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier" value="0" />
<property name="LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier" value="0" />

Game setting is writting on "Join a server" as infinite durability and all seems work but it's not working at all.
Players complain, i don't know what to do.

I would like these setting be apply to the server but it's not working at all.

Thanks for help !