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Thread: Clothing Attributes

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    Clothing Attributes

    From the images you can see...I am wearing a plant fiber hat, and have a football helmet in my inventory. If I hover over the helmet, it shows a green 7(for a positive heat resist...yet the helmet has a heat resist of 0 and the fiber hat has a heat resist of 7. If the game is trying to calculate what i have vs what I hover(intend) to swap an item for...then the helmet should show a -7 for the attribute....20190612203212_1.jpg20190612203220_1.jpg

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    From the release notes, the way you are supposed to tell positive/negative attribute changes for new items is to click on the slot of what you are currently wearing (in the character screen) and hover the mouse over the new item. Green will show improvement, red will show deterioration. It also works if you want to compare 2 same-slot items in your backpack. Just click on one (1), hover over the other (2) to see what improvements (2) has over (1). It's not very intuitive, but it is programmed this way.

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