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    When A17.3 dropped, I decided to start over again with a friend and generated an 8k map. It seems that I don't have the 'right' RWG. Snow biome is up north, forest in the center and the desert biome down in the south. I don't have sub-biomes. Seems very familiar to the 17.1 RWG. Am I doing something wrong?

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    You should double-check what version of the game you're running, which is drawn in the upper right corner while the game's running. If there's no problem there, then you may have already generated your map in 17.1. Since the map is already generated, 17.3 won't re-generate it again with the new RWG rules; it'll just run the existing map. You might as well generate a new map off of a new seed to get a genuine 17.3 (or 17.4 by now) map.

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