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Thread: Suggestion how to make whole world look at 7DTD

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    Suggestion how to make whole world look at 7DTD


    Have you heard of TV series called "Chernobyl" by HBO? It's pretty popular world wide. Russians are creating their own TV series about that so you have whole world attention.
    With good advertisement and POI's and story this game or mods could turn into number one popular game in world.

    This game is perfectly made to show what happened in Chernobyl, it's like it was created about that and have some fun elements like "zombies" that came from dangerous "RMBK" russian reactors.
    Radiation dangers etc.
    Just add some nuclear plant and story behind it, focus more on radiation and voila you have PERFECT money earning concept made. Money is flowing, everyone is happy and people can see some history and real science behind it. I'm pretty sure gov of USA would support idea like this so anyone who make that concept in this game would archive something great

    Idea like that would require to add map like "Navezgane" called "Chernobyl"
    Cost of it is very small, all it needs is just some human work creating buildings on map.

    If someone would like to hire me PM me, i'm looking for job now and i'm able to detect what people like now and how to make them like something else similar to that. I could also create POIs for maps with resources available, my best weapon is my endless creativity.

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    In case you want to create a world quickly, you can use my tool NitroGen.

    If you have the POIs for your scenario, you could just add them to the prefablist, together with whatever vanilla POIs should be loaded.
    Then create a custom map using a greyscale hightmap and city-spawn mask, and just generate it. (Or just generate a random one)

    -> the resulting map needs to be bundled with the prefabs and distributed as mod then.

    Hand-placing the POIs like in Navezgane is probably overkill, unless you want to put serious effort into such a project. (or have a relatively small map)
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