First of all, sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong place. I'm new to PC gaming, and to posting on forums so please be patient with me.

I started up a new world on Alpha 17.4 Stable tonight. I haven't played in a long while, and was figuring I'd see if I could get my older gaming laptop to run the new update. It did (awesome sauce!). Since the laptop is roughly 5 years old, I always play with zombie spawns turned off. Playing this way actually lets me play the game on low settings instead of the constant sputtering and lagging of my processor. I was doing a supply fetch quest for the trader. Upon finding the buried stash, I was instantly attacked from behind by 3 zombies.

There were only the 3 zombies, and while I managed to kill 2 of them, the third one walked away and "despawned?" as I was unable to find him. I usually play on console, so I haven't really played or heard anything about the PC version, but was this an update to the trader quests? I played a little bit of Alpha 17.1 but never had this problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated.