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Thread: 4x4 Truck Parked in 3x5 Space "Garage" stuck in Wall

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    4x4 Truck Parked in 3x5 Space "Garage" stuck in Wall

    17.4(b4) Dedicated Server No mods

    I Build a Garage out of Concrete with a Garage Door (which btw is to small for the 4x4 which is mentioned in another post already) Garage is 3 Blocks high 3 wide and 5 long inside.
    I Park the truck inside without it hitting anything get out all fine until i re log the car will be "stuck" in any wall seems to be random sometimes the roof sometimes the walls.(on a Server so i dont know how relog causes this ?!)
    Its not really stuck since i can get in and it will throw the car out of the wall but it will destroy the majority of it and also everyone can do that not just the ones actual getting in the door since it half outside so there is no point parking it there anyway.

    Oh also in addition to the garage door being to small it has to less hit points u can have 7k hit point blocks but the door only got 4k


    Update: Just did some more testing i don't even need to re log if i leave the area and come back it will be stuck i teleported myself and could even see how it forced itself into the wall and this time i could not get it out by just entering i actually had to destroy the blocks to get it out
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