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Thread: How to add infection buff upon using an item

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    Question How to add infection buff upon using an item

    So basically I am creating a new buff of mine that causes infection, but the thing is, I have the bandages and other healing items remove the buff I created, but I want to make it so that once the new buff I have created is removed, infection sets in.

    I have tried adding
    <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffRemove" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffIllInfection0"/>
    to my newly created buff to allow infection to set in upon buff removal, but that did not work.

    I also tried adding this to the bandages to allow for the infection to set in once the player removes the newly created buff. But this also isn't working it seems.

    <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffIllInfection0">
    <requirement name="HasBuff" target="self" buff="buffNewBuff"/>

    Any help from the amazing modders of the 7DTD community would be GREATLY appreciated!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ive gotten The new Buff working, the Medical items remove the newly created buff, I have the Localization Appender working properly, but cannot figure this simple part out.

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    buffIllInfection0 is a hidden buff and only has a CHANCE to progress to infection.

    So what you'd want is this.

    <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffRemove" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffIllInfection1"/>

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