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Thread: Amazing Gimmick. Well done.

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    One could easily make a mod for this. Just make duplicates of the POIs, remove the traps, adjust tiers if you want. Then in random gen, you will see those POIs that may or may not be one with a trap. This is what they should have done right from the beginning when they introduced these traps.

    Personally, I would take it a step further and make duplicates of the POIs that are known to have good loot in a specific spot, and I would put them somewhere else. Someone could think they were clever by nerd-poling to the top where it usually is, only to find out that it isn't there this time.
    I don't think they would spend time doing this. They've spent a lot of time making all of those POIs we have. The amount of time to spend putting a mod like this together is not very significant at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland View Post
    You went in to clear a POI equipped only with a club and plant fibers....?

    You were killed by a bear which was bad luck but not something I believe should be changed. I wouldn’t want bears to be withheld until a certain gamestage.

    You escaped the wolf but it could have been lethal as well. What were you feeling as you ran from that wolf? What did you feel when you turned around and noticed you had lost it? If the devs prevented the spawning of that wolf until you were ready for it then you would never experience those feelings.

    I would say the same goes for POis. TFP could put an indicator on POIs to classify them as easy medium and hard or teleport the player away until they are a certain level but then that makes the world seem more artificial.

    I started back in Alpha 5 and died many times as I was learning the game. Even then I would often restart and try and survive longer and longer. Not all new players will quit the game because they died and not all new gamers will hate the lethality if the early game. I don’t think TFP should soften how lethal the game can be. I would be disappointed if dangers only showed up after I was geared and perked to handle them or if every trap had a tell.
    I also play this game for a while now. That's why I thought - after escaping the wolf - it sucks to face a bear and a wolf right after I start a new game. There was no thrill because running away from dangerous situations is a gameplay strategy. I placed a bedroll by reflex to make sure to respawn at this location and was aware of losing nothing (there was nothing to lose at all right after the start).
    When I look back to my first steps into the game I imagine beeing stunned and killed by zombies, struggling to repair my base on horde nights (IMO another feature beeing no more present because: do the meta like put the zombies into a loop, find concrete for the first horde night or use a POI).

    Anyways you bring it straight to the point: The game shows lethality in the early game. It's the point where you walk into a POI, fall into the pit, think WTF? and never fall into it again because you know: Break the front door and be aware of the undetectable fals floor.

    If that false floor feature is a thing make it dynamic and put zombies like cops into that thing. That would be a challenge in terms of a near death experience. And put this feature only into POIs that are known for good loot. I don't know anything about the technical realization but IMO this floor thing is just a noob trap in its current state. There's no immersion in terms of lethality. You just fall into it once and know to avoid it the next time you enter the POI.

    As I said, I have no problem with this feature. I just think it's useless for veterans and annoying for new bros.

    Yea, I walked into the POI with a wooden club and plant fiber in my inventory. OK, I lied. I had some wood and a bow with me, too. Now I still do it that way because I know that there's a basement and it's more healthy to enter it using the stairs.

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