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Thread: External fuel tanks for generators

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    External fuel tanks for generators

    My problem is this: I have a lot of electric defences in my base, but even after wiring all high power consumption devices behind motion detectors, I have to keep refueling the generators every day or so, because they have such small fuel capacity. If don't log in to the game for a day or two to refuel my generators, they will run out of fuel, and all my defences will deactivate and leave my base open for all to loot and pillage on the public server.

    There are already oil tanks in many POIs (those white capsules, that have pipes attached to them). I wish I could build such a tank with a large fuel capacity (let's say 10,000 fuel units or so), and connect it to an adjacent generator to keep it running for several days or even weeks without need for refuel.
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    I'd love to see this. Same issue, same desired solution.

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