New PvP server is up and running. We have very few rules and encourage active PvP! We are a modded server. Below are a list of our configurations and the Mods that we use.

•4X Exp
•5X Loot
•64 BM Hordes
•Warrior Difficulty
•2 LCB per person (61 size, 41 deadzone)
•16x Landclaim protection online/offline
•Botman server manager
•4096 size map (Smaller map for more intense PvP)

•Faster Crafting Mod
•Firearms2 - This is the only mod that requires client side installation
•Bloodmoon trickle
•Bigger wandering hordes
•More wilderness spawns
•More bones
•Bigger backpack
•Faster Vehicles
•Coins scrap to brass
•Car respawner
•Secure Hardened Chest
•Bigger stack sizes
•Craft acid
•Craft beaker
•Craft jail doors

Join us now for some great pvp action!