I primarily stream with the occasional base build video. I have over 5000 hours in the game now and have been playing since original release. I am a musician and enjoy recording all of my own music for base preview videos and stream intros.

Take a look at this castle that I recently built on my Always Run Stream Series.
It took around 150 hours for the build, to record the music, and editing.

Castle Spartan - 100+ Hour Build - Stream Series Recap and Preview

Joel recently mentioned Dart Traps in Fubar_Primes A18 preview stream.
In this playlist below of over 50 bases covering multiple Alphas, are many versions of bases that use dart traps effectively. I have been using them instead of turrets since early on in Alpha 16.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at the channel. I hope to see you in a stream sometime soon so that I can meet and greet you! The stream schedule is listed in the description under each stream replay.