I have been trying everything today to try and get 7 Days to Die to run at 144FPS on my 144HZ monitor. I have tried disable/enable Gsync, UNET, fullscreen/non-fullscreen, and all Nvidia settings.

The weird thing I have noticed is that in the game, I get ~100 FPS while no zombies are spawned and the game uses 80% GPU (RTX 2070), 30% CPU (2700x, none of the cores are close to maxed out), and 60% of my 16gb total RAM. Now when I get in a zone with zombies, I notice that for each additional zombie, my FPS drops a bit AS WELL as my GPU usage drops a bit. I have around 40 zombies in the zone I am in and my game is running ~55 FPS and my GPU usage is only 50%. This occurs every time zombies spawn. It isn't making sense to me why zombies would reduce the GPU usage, which seems to be the actual reason why FPS drops when zombies are present. The usage of CPU/RAM doesn't seem to really change much during my tests, whether there are 0 or 40 zombies.

Just to reiterate, my two problems are:
- 7dtd doesn't use 100% of my GPU to achieve 144+ FPS to match the refresh rate of my monitor (even with setting nvidia settings to tell 7dtd to run max performance and such)
- 7dtd gets worse performance with zombies because somehow zombies are reducing the GPU usage/load at a linear rate of around 1% per zombie. I have 80% load with 0 zombies and ~40% load with ~40 zombies and the corresponding FPS drops from ~100 to ~55