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    Nukededs wishlist


    just listing a few things I would really like to see in game. these are purely qol things that I feel would enhance the looting side of the game. I only play sp so haven't given any thought to the mp mechanics of anything.

    2 words to sum it all up - display cases


    bookshelves - it would be nice to have book cases that held out magazines and schematics. if the game mechanic was such that a magazine or schematic didn't disappear when read, you could then put it in the book shelf. for this to be aesthetically pleasing, the appearance of the bookshelf would change each time you added a new magazine, so you could see at a glance in your library how your collection was coming along. source perhaps would be the radial menu collect from a poi - not necessarily crafting. perhaps a book shelf can take only magazines from one 'series' (first in first served), so would need a bookshelf for each series. or book shelves are specific to a series and you have to collect bookshelves.
    y to interact (yes I play with controller) and have 7 slots only for magazine. could have pigeonholes for schematics.

    jewellery cases, chests - some way to visually display how many valuable items you have in a container. imagine a glass jewellery case that slowly fills up each time you put more diamonds/gold/silver in it. a safe that has a stack of cash notes, one pile in the safe for a full stack from inventory. a money chest that fills up as more dukes are put in. what a kick ass treasure vault we could make.

    wardrobes for clothes.

    shelves for wheels, batteries, engines etc. I suppose each thing would need its own block (many do now).

    these things could have a secondary 'use' function that simply opened the lid / drawer / door for displaying. on the radial menu perhaps.

    armour/clothing racks.

    shadow boards for tools.

    I do like the mine craft item frames you can put anything into - they make great signs for what is in the chest below if nothing else.

    weapons racks. both single weapon racks for showing off your fave weapon and bulk racks to store them in visually appealing way. ideally if you hover your crosshair over them, the stats are listed and a button to take without having to go into the container and back out. imagine stashing weapons in such racks around your defences - maybe y swaps current weapon with the one on the rack for a quick grab option. just thinking the way john wick did in the catacombs under rome.

    with the advent of legendary stuff, if what we find isn't quite to our liking, or doesn't suit our build at the moment, its a shame to have it hidden away in a box somewhere.

    the key to them all is to nicely display the things we have collected, and to remind us we have some missing and really need to get off our arse and go find that pair of purple military boots to finish off that set!
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