Guys, thank you for delivering us this great, unique and fun to play game, thank you and keep a good thing growin' !
so what would my dream in vanilla be:

1. a flamethrower would be a cool gas using addition to the auger/chainsaw

2. mods for vehicles, eg.
basket for bike as used to be before, to be able to carry stuff on bike
front spikes on motorbike would be as a mod addition, or that back "cylinder" would be extra gas tank etc.
extra seat for second passenger in a car, or functional light bar, or car gun, even the front spike bumper

3. it would be nice to see jail door back in the game
drawbridge could also be used as electrical device, operated by sensors, trigger plate or switch

4. an option to slow down leveling, or at least those first ~20-50 levels could be slowed down a bit

5. air conditioner could/should have a chance to drop a brass radiator