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Thread: Limiting Bedroll Use

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    Limiting Bedroll Use

    Hi Guys

    I would like to stop players being able to spawn as many bedrolls as they like. I'm hoping to avoid the scenario whereby players can drop a bedroll outside a house and continually spawn outside like a savegame.

    Ideally the proposed modlet would allow them to place a bedroll only once per hour.

    I don't know how you would get around the first quest asking you to place a bedroll.

    The purpose is to create more of a sense of caution when adventuring.

    Are there any mods which do this already?


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    No but bypassing the quest option and removing the recipe would be trivial.

    ...only allowing it once per hour would be difficult.

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    ...let's see ... Remove the recipe and only allow access by perk, and the perk is on a cvar timer that resets itself via a quest or buff when the bedroll is made.

    Yeh, complicated.

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