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Thread: Is it possible to view the seed and/or map file for a server (from the client's side)

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    Is it possible to view the seed and/or map file for a server (from the client's side)

    I'm going to be running a server with (hopefully) a custom map with the goal of there being plenty of surprises. I'm curious if my clients will be able to cheat by looking at the map file in one of their directories or something.

    I know where to find the locally generated maps (biome, splat, etc.) files, but I haven't seen that the game stores the multiplayer files anywhere. Curious if anyone knew where they ended up


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    No, the game basically generates the map as the players explore it. The general layout is made at creation, and the game generates it as it goes. YOU can view the maps the player have uncovered in the saves/map name/maps folder of your server. It will really only show you the blocks that the players have uncovered, though.

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    This thread is in the Console forum section, but reading it appears to be PC related.

    The World data gets downloaded to the local client. It's not super detailed, but does give a fair amount of information if you're just looking for somewhere to set up.

    Example folder path...
    C:\Users\Sylen\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\SavesLoc al\0AA3F4E0C79DF74CB16E3E4329B6EB9C\World

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