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Thread: Food is not removed when getting into a vehicle

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    Food is not removed when getting into a vehicle

    Regards, developers. The other day playing in my 7 Days to Die game, I discovered a bug, I don't know if I will be the first to find out, but it turns out that when I ate a can of food and before I took it out of the inventory after eating it, it turns out I got on my bike, and when I got off, I realized that the can of food was still in my inventory and also, that the game took it as I had eaten, that is, I was recovering hunger. This bug is very OP, since so with a vehicle and food, you can make infinite food. I hope you have explained me well, and if not, tell me. I will give you images of the fact below.

    Regards, developers of The Fun Pimps
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    I just tried this and got the same behavior. Eternal food. You have to get on the bike before the food dissapears from your toolbelt.

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    Would have to happen with Yucca Juice Smoothie and bicycle for this to be worth exploiting

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