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Thread: Game crashed while on Mini Bike and it only got worse

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    Game crashed while on Mini Bike and it only got worse

    Like the title says, the game crashed while I was riding my Mini Bike.
    Here's the log:

    After restarting I was in the same place that the game has crashed, but my Mini Bike was gone.
    I switched to the 4x4 and drove around with it.
    When I drove towards the direction that I was initially coming from with the Bike, I was suddenly a few hundred meters away and back on the bike.
    I was really confused, so I pressed "E" to leave the bike, that's when the camera got those "blood patches" and switched back to the car, that was slowly driving around. The camera was set up many meters above and away from the car, just focusing it.

    Eventually, the car started getting out of bounds of the world, bugging around, sometimes falling through the ground, sometimes back again.

    I restarted the game and am now in a state, where I'm in a loop of that initial white screen (the one that appears after loading, or if you get too close to the trader when he's closed). This "whiteout" repeats every 0.2(?) seconds. I can't recognize my surroundings either, can't move. I tried restarting again, but it will always get me to this place now, which makes this gamestate useless.
    Here's the log from exiting the game afterwards:

    If there are any questions left feel free to ask. Thank you!

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    Were you still in the 4x4 when you bugged out? Maybe spam the 'E' key when you log on to see if that will jar you loose from the bugged out vehicle.

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