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Thread: Is there a way to play Alpha 1.1 again?

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    Is there a way to play Alpha 1.1 again?

    I've looked at my computers files and I still have like the first alpha installer on my system I installed it but sadly can't log in because of "Error 404".

    I've tried to find a workaround so that I can get into the game without some server issue but to no avail.

    Is Alpha 1.1 gone for good?

    Edit: Just managed to get into it lol! But when I enter a world I can't turn with the mouse or anything I can only move forward.
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    Yes, the absolute first version of the game can be found if you look for it enough. It's a bit of a hussle (as far as my experience goes, at least) to get it to function properly, but yeah, you can play it.

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