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Thread: Rocks, That Is All

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaVegaNL View Post
    Yeah geological epochs (or rather the bigger subdivision of eras) are usually defined by the mass extinction of life on the planet. So yeah.. A18 can be an epoch-defining update.. We just need to select a suitable life-form which needs to go extinct.

    I personally vote for math teachers!
    But, isn't math involved in crystalline structures? (Not to mention 'subdivision'...). So, if there were anyone that could help prove or disprove things you are saying, then...


    First Roland. Then Gazz. THEN Gronk.

    (Silllllllls is fine as long as he keeps asking questions.)

    ; - )
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    I'd have gone for pedants first, they're a goddam menace to conversation :-)

    "<Pol Pot> had the right idea, he was just an underachiever!"
    - Bill Hicks (paraphrased)

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Nice Cup of Tea View Post
    We should be able to make obsidian knives and spear tips.
    Obsidian IRL is actually quite fragile and is easily damaged and broken (as opposed to the minecraft interpretation). So weapons or tools made with it would be pretty much useless as they would break once you actually hit something with them.

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