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Thread: Wires and overhead reduction maybe

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    electricty thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by FA_Q2 View Post
    Is it the wiring that is even the source of performance impacts? From what I have experienced this is not the case. The control methods and something with solar panels are the source of performance problems and electricity.

    I like the post apocalyptic look that comes with the current way wires hang as well as the control you have over the look with connecting points. We just need the 1 electrical cost to go away considering that it is currently better to use switches rather than connectors. That is just silly.
    a couple of thoughts come to mine with electricity as it stands in 17.4, you cant have two light switches for one light, IE basic electrical where you have say a hall light and a switch on each end of the hallway. This same issue applies to alternate power sources, example. you should be able to have a small input device that decides if you need solar or generator power based on power usage,. My preferred way would be using real world electrical concepts. it would readily work with whats currently available with minimal changes. The relays and timers, would be used for 'high' voltage. you could then have junction boxes and a fuse box. engines are electrical or fuel related (gas or diesel) where diesel generators are different and more powerful. And trying to put gas in a diesel engine is bad.

    I look forward to seeing what can be done with electricity as well as future vehicles.

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    One of the devs- i do believe its been gazz sayin it somewhere when this has been a discussion- stated, it is hardcoded for the electricity blocks to have one Single Input and 1+X outputs.
    It has somethin to do with the electricitysystem being a Monorailsystem which disables X-OR Blocksystems.... Or smthin..... Dont know how to describe it correctly but i know the circuumstances

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