We have been expecting you. I know your confused waking up with just your skivvy's on and inside your head is spinning like that damn ride the Vortex. You will be alright Survivor, it will straighten out soon, then you can face the real horror of this new world of ours.

Antifa really Fk'D up this time. The numb-nuts thought they knew what they were doing raiding that lab... Now they screwed us all, well those that are left. Good thing is most of them walk the streets now looking for what they were lacking the first time, BRAINS!

Anyway it is up to us. We have the charge now to restore some kind of normalcy by eradicating these infected souls. Put them out of our misery once and for all. We have to work together. Are you with us?

Riot - Grid Down
Darkness Falls 8k Map
Adults Only
Discord A Must!
PW protected
Limited Space
US Time Zones Only Please. This helps in keeping the days down.
(Western Hemisphere)

Day 1 will be 8/17/2019:heart:
Discord Chaplain#5726 For More info.