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Thread: Take multiple quests from the same trader

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    Take multiple quests from the same trader

    Is it possible to do? I don't see why one trader would send you out and make you come back. The game itself supports multiple quests, but it's not as convenient to go from trader to trader. Even though they made the quests closer to their respective traders. I want to take all 5 or so from one trader and knock them out.

    Also, are there possible consequences for this that balance it out? To my knowledge, doing level 1 quests will spawn level 2 ones, so if I take out 5 level 1 quests will I notice the level 2's later?

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    Without modding? No. Taking 5 level1 quests in one of the first few days and chain-fullfilling them would be simply too OP, everyone would do that.

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