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Thread: Outside life/varity/quality

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    Outside life/varity/quality

    I saw the live streams about the upcoming A18 and it looks good, well inside. The new quaility of the POIs and the terrain is awesome but outside its just below avarage. If you rework your POI do a bit outside too..

    Just some Ideas on how to maybe improve the outside world

    1. Underwater biome - Plants + Wild life
    2. Dsungel Biome - Plants + Wild life
    3. More Bushes | Trees |Seeds like Strawberry, Peach, Apple, Coconut and more
    4. More wildlife | breed Animals (Chicken, Rabbit, Cow, Pig)
    5. Plants on the water surface
    6. Markers on the road in citys
    7. Trafic lights
    8. Benches
    9. POI like a fishercabin, Train terminals/stations, slaughterhouse, backery, mills, port industry, containers, cranes, docks, container ships, possible passenger liner/dock.
    10. voltage lines
    11. tiny rivers
    12. different style of roads, maybe even a little highway section.. or just adding planks to them in some areas.
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