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Thread: Zombie Variants

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    Zombie Variants

    So I seem to see a similarity in a lot of zombies and it made me want to see more variation in the game. For example bloated walker, disturbed tourist and feral wright are brute type enemies. Then utility worker, biker zombie, fallen soldier have helmets that reduces headshot damage. Now in terms of the last three I mentioned I believe they should be more separate from brute zombies since they are so similar. According to the wiki those zombies (besides the wright who is special) are classified as "tough zombies". If the devs made it so that headshots on those three helmeted zombies where impossible it would make them more unique then just a brute zombie with helmets. I would like to see other variations too.

    Zombie Dogs

    Zombie Poodle: A zombified poodle usually found in towns and around houses. This dog would be faster than the original zombie dog but have a lower health pool.

    Zombie Pitbull: This pitbull would share the same speed as the original dog but be more of a brute with a larger health pool.


    Disturbed Tourist: I am sure most people noticed that the Disturbed Tourist shares the same model as the zombie cop but wears a different outfit. He also has the same audio as the cop. I think he should be changed into a puker for early game players but have a lessened hp

    Junker: He would of course same the same model but this puker would be armoured. His armour would come in the form of scrap metals either tied or melted on his body. Giving him the appearance of a puker that was used as a weapon by some evil survivors. His hp would be more than the cop of course.

    Spider Zombies

    Mutated Spider Zombie: This spider zombie has undergone a further mutation than the original. He would be clothless and his skin will look sort of like the feral wrights skin but without the sunken in face and disemboweled stomach. He would have several eyes growing from his head and have a jagged gaping maw. He could also have long claw like finger nails for good measure. He would be a tougher more ferocious version of the og spider zombies.

    Biome Specific

    Miner: This zombie would only spawn in desert biomes. A zombified miner zombie that looks very skeletal like due to malnourished before death. He would dawn an impressive long beard and a miners helmet of course. This zombie would be similar to the new demolisher as in he would have dynamite strapped to his belt so if you shoot the dynamite it would explode.

    Hunter: This one would be only spawn in forest biomes. There is different outfits I was thinking for this guy. Either a plaid shirt and jeans with a buffalo hunter cap or a guy decked out in camo with a bandana around his mouth. He would have a rifle clutched to hand and would periodically set it off while he shambles towards players.

    That is all the ideas I had. I just would like to see more variety in the game in terms of zombies. We do have a large variety but we seem to have an over abundance of normal zombies and brute type zombies. If the devs want to steal any of my ideas then go for it . Any body else have ideas for variant types that would add a diverse cast of zombies to the game?

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    Yes Have some Ones as well from my post

    Fallen Swat: A Swat team trooper that is covered Head to toe in swat Armor Because of that he is Nearly Bulletproof but he is Slow and takes a while to get up when stunned

    Trapped Prisoner: a Prisoner that died and is covered in Barbed wire and he doesn't take much Barbed wire damage!

    Crazed Inmate: A zombie that in a strath Jacket and he can only bite but he can charge at enemies

    Infected Survivalist: this zombie has makeshift armor and when attacking him he will dough and weave from your attacks

    Infected Bodybuilder: A mini behemoth and arms and legs that put the tank from L4D to shame

    Feral Child: a Child size Feral zombie that is weak but if low on Hp it will Scream to lure zombies.

    Rotten Hunter: he has a bloody ghillie suit and hunts with stealth and can go on 2 or 4 legs to attack.

    patient Zero: a nasty zombie that has tumors and his Skin is blood color. and can give you a Plague that make you lose XP slowly , Forget Skills and Weaken you but can be cured.

    Ravagend FireFighter: A zombie that looks like a burned victim but in a Fire fighter Suit but the Top of his Suit is Inflated Becuase its full of gas From the Decomposition and when that is Hit it will Blow Up like a Molotov

    Small Things Different Forms like the infected Father , Plagued Doctor , Female Biker , Business woman , Hungry male ect

    and Zombies have Random Movements when they walk and Run so it doesn't look copy paste.

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