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Thread: [World] Small Island - handmade map

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Neill View Post
    A new version is ready: Download V13

    -more streets and villages (1029 prefabs right now, thats about the same or more the the pregen maps)
    -adjusted terrain altitude to get no weird graphical issues if your altitude is over 150 m
    -some tweaks to the roads and road layout


    After playing the A18 for quite some time i did recognize that traders are pretty valuable now - for buying stuff and also for selling, so you could melt the Dukes for brass. Currently there are 10 traders in the map, should be 5 or 6 more.

    Does anyone now if traders have a maximum range looking for quest buildings ? That would be another factor to get more traders in and place them strategically.

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    This looks like a lot of fun Sam_Neill! May have to take a closer look at this soon when my schedule clears up. And I found our Asylum on the map around 320N 4400E, the shape is pretty distinctive on the webmap lol.

    If you're interested, I recently updated the Asylum for A18 and included some tweaks/fixes, we recently finished a lighthouse if you're still actively adding builds into your map. I keep all our builds updated in a separate download on Nexus.

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    Thanks a lot! Pretty map & this remember me a little about the game Hold Your Own!

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