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Thread: A18 b139 experimental bug reporting thread

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    Summary: Junk Turret After a Disconnect.
    Version: A18 B139
    Platform: PC (Server Hosted Ping Perfect)
    OS/Version: Windows 10
    Game mode: MP RWG

    Deployed Turret, one of disconnected (Not the owner of the Turret). The other (Owner of the Turret) Logged out to stop the day from passing as we were out in the middle of nowhere with not much time to get home. When we logged in, we could not pick up the turret, damage the turret, and it attacked us until it seemingly ran out of ammo.

    We dug the earth out from under it so it sunk below ground to 'disarm' it.

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    Please find the new thread here, we will scan through remaining posts we didnt respond to yet and get them reported.

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