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Thread: Good random map seeds for A18?

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    The seed "JMU" on 4k.

    The center town in the forest biome has 4 traders on its borders (north/south/east/and west.) Make your base in that town and you will be happy.

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    Cool Map

    After toying around with Nitrogen for a while yesterday, I think I got a cool map.
    Uploaded it in case anybody else wants to use it:

    Map with traders:

    If anybody plays it too, let me know your findings.

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    Rolled a nice 4K map.

    I setup shop close to the first trader then found 2 others within walking distance and a fourth within bicycle range. Have seen an 'apartment', two 'hospitals' and at least 3 Shotgun 'factories'. Haven't seen a Shamway yet but I only just got a bicycle so haven't explored much as you can see.

    The town in the desert seems to be fairly large. I love that there's a lot of urban area close together, almost like it's one larger city with a couple of greenbelts between neighbourhoods.

    Seed... shotgunstart


    Edit...sorry for the small's a Steam link to another grab... https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.n...7E4833986929E/
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