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Thread: Improvements for the dedicated server

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    Lightbulb Improvements for the dedicated server

    Hi there,

    as it was always an annoyance to me that a) you have no chance to get the IP clients use and b) the Telnet part of the server was unstable and only allowed a single connection at a time I started a 7dtd-server-fixes project.

    I think this could be useful to anyone running a dedicated server
    Note that this only works with the new dedicated server build of 7dtd.

    I also added three new console commands (getgameprefs, gettime, listplayersextended).

    A more detailed information on what this project currently includes, where to download (both precompiled and sources), and release notes for future updates can be found on:


    PS: People running a Linux server and using my scripts to manage it do not need to download this manually as I will integrate it in the next release of the scripts.
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