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Thread: Vehicle torque modding

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    Vehicle torque modding

    Over all I love A18 but one thing that sticks out is the "torque" on the vehicles is too low so when trying to go up hill you slow to a crawl. I understand this for the bicycle, but the motorcycle should have 0 problems with hilly terrain.

    My question is what setting would need to be changed and where is that file for said setting located? Hopefully it's an xml LOL

    EDIT: Ok after some digging, I found the vehicle.xml (yeah aptly named) and this is what I've found.

    <property name="cameraDistance" value="5.5, 7"/>
    <property name="cameraTurnRate" value=".2, .35"/>
    <property name="motorTorqueMinQ" value="4000"/>
    <property name="motorTorqueMaxQ" value="6000"/>
    <property name="brakeTorque" value="5000"/>
    <property name="upAngleMax" value="70"/>
    <property name="upForce" value="1"/>
    <property name="steerRate" value="130"/>
    <property name="steerCenteringRate" value="90"/>
    <property name="tiltAngleMax" value="80"/>
    <property name="tiltThreshold" value="3"/>
    <property name="tiltDampening" value=".22"/>
    <property name="tiltDampenThreshold" value="8"/>
    <property name="tiltUpForce" value="0"/>
    <property name="unstickForce" value="1"/>
    <property name="velocityMax" value="9, 13"/>
    <property name="waterDrag_y_velScale_velMaxScale" value="1.8, .9, .1"/>
    <property name="wheelPtlScale" value="1"/>

    Now I'm wondering if it's the line:
    <property name="tiltAngleMax" value="80"/>
    that needs to be adjusted or what?

    Anyone that has way more experience with this stuff than me their input would be appreciated.
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    The latest A18 Experimental has now changed vehicles again and they say they have Adjusted torque and friction of ground vehicles.

    Not sure if this fixes the Motorcycle as I was in middle of modding it lol .... guess i will take a look later and see if my workaround this was fixed or not


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    But think of how much you're learning.

    ...faatal can hire you as his gofer.

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