I was trying to fix how bandages work on others, it seems they dont always run. There is no range is defined on Action1 of the bandage, and i can bandage a zombie as long as I am looking at it. It always heals a zombie, but doesnt always heal players. It also doesnt use a delay between actions.

I then modded the jar of water to allow it to put other people out if they are on fire. This one seemed strange.
If a zombie was set on fire by me hitting it with a torch, i could put it out. If the zombie climbed over a burning barrel the water wouldnt put it out and was still depleted by 1. (i put the requirement on the effect not the action)

<effect_group name="Secondary Action" tiered="false">
<requirement name="HasBuff" target="other" buff="buffIsOnFire"/>
<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfSecondaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" target="other" buff="buffExtinguishFire"/>

Is there anyway I can debug the current "other" target?