Hello 7-day people, I have a problem with the rain, it happens that on the dedicated server it never rains it just clouds the sky, but when I play a game only on my pc with the same biomes.xml, works!, I already had this problem in alpha 17.4, now it happens The same in alpha 18. What am I doing wrong?

Biomes.xml Alpha 18 B143:

<!-- Pine Forest Main Biome -->
<biome name="pine_forest" topsoil_block="terrForestGround" biomemapcolor="#004000">
<Temperature min="-35" max="15" prob="1"/>
<!--<Fog min="0" max="0" prob=".9"/>-->
<!--<Fog min="100" max="100" prob=".1"/>-->

<CloudThickness min="0" max="0" prob=".3"/>
<CloudThickness min="10" max="70" prob=".6"/>
<CloudThickness min="100" max="100" prob=".9"/>
<Precipitation min="0" max="0" prob=".0"/>
<Precipitation min="50" max="100" prob="1"/>
<Wind min="10" max="20" prob="0.1"/>
<Wind min="20" max="100" prob="0.9"/>

<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1" ChunkMargin="15"/>