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Thread: A18 b149 EXP bug reporting thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpacko View Post
    Summary: freeze/crash
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Win10 Pro
    Game mode: SP Navezgane
    Did you wipe old saves? N
    Did you start a new game? N
    Did you validate your files? N
    Are you using any mods? N
    EAC on or off ? ON

    Status: NEW

    Bug Description: game just randomly froze & crashed while digging soil in snow biome. forge was running atm. also all small stones suddenly turned green.
    another one, this time while entering a town.

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    Crash on RWG

    Summary: Crash on RWG
    Version: A18E b149
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows
    SP (RWG obviously)

    Did you wipe old saves? yes
    Did you start a new game? Yes
    Did you validate your files? No
    Are you using any mods? No
    EAC on

    Status: NEW

    Bug Description: When I tried to create a small RWG world, the game crashed.

    Reproduce steps:

    1) Start game
    2) Create new random world: advanced settings, 4092 (I think?), seed A18Eb149
    3) Wait

    Actual result: Game crash

    Expected result: No crash, RWG succeeds

    I'm attaching output log.

    EDIT: I'm an idiot and didn't read the date of the crash folder. It has nothing to do with this. I uploaded output_log.txt and error.log.txt before I realized this. Afterwards tried to remove them, but the forum is still showing them for some reason - please disregard them. Sorry!

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Please go here for b152 reports.

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