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Thread: Will this be a decent laptop for 7 days to die?

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    Bringing this back up because I found 2 possible choices and not sure how well they will perform with this game. Here they are:

    This will be something I will get next month hopefully. I feel the ASUS will probably be better option cause it has better CPU, but I am a dum dum when it comes to computers anyways.
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    The Alienware is 11.7 lbs, the Asus is 6.28 lbs. This seems like a huge difference for
    otherwise nearly identical laptops.

    Asus has better CPU.

    Alienware has webcam, Asus does not.

    I'd get the Asus if I had to pick between the 2.

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    While I agree with Beelzybub and would suggest the Asus one over Alienware, I'd definitely research more and find out why such a massive weight difference. If it relates to cooling, then find out if Asus is even up for the task of cooling an RTX 2070 and hot CPU. Cuz if you find out it overheats, then you might even up having to attach an external blower like I had to do with my laptop. (For the record, I went with an Opolar which works great)

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