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Light cast range is a performance issue and they need to be turned off at range. The flame itself (self illuminating) would have to be big enough to see at whatever distance you are wanting to see it at, but since the flames scale down with distance, it gets very small. Would probably have to do a non trival scaling change to deal with that, so probably not happening anytime soon.

Unsure about junk turrets, since that is Kinyajuu's baby.
Would it be possible for distant lights to have a dumbed down cast with less/no shadow calculations and less-smooth steps in light amount? I was noticing in the last couple of worlds that I played with others that I'd get within maybe a half dozen blocks of a street lamp or lantern before it started up its area glow at all. That was before I discovered my settings were markedly lower than the overall "ultra" should have had them set to...haven't gone to study light levels recently to see how that changed, if any, now that the settings are up where they should be.