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Thread: Witnessed a UFO

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    Witnessed a UFO

    Just witnessed a UFO in the sky over my town. 2nd time in my life I've ever seen one. At first I thought it was a plane but there was no blinking lights which made me pay attention while i walked to the store (mind you I had been stationed on the largest Airforce base in the world so I'm well aware of what planes look like in the sky in day time and night).

    all of a sudden in went in reverse without stopping or turning. then it stopped. I was like wtf.. I thought then maybe it was a satellite but I've seen plenty of sats in my life and theydo not move like that. then it started moving again then stopped. By then i got to the store and started shopping.

    After coming out I looked up and it was gone. I texted my sister and said "I just saw a UFO". she replied with hey I just saw one as well while walking home from work. I called her and asked her to describe it. She described exactly what I had seen. Crazy huh.

    EDIT: I tried recording it on my phone but this camera sucks and my stupid phone would not pick it up on cam. The one time I have a chance to film one and it doesnt work...grrrr.
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    We are of like mind you and I, I have never seen a UFO. but I do wish one would come and get me off the planet, wishful thinking Eh. Come to think of it, I had a theory that there may be one searching for me someday, its just a bit off geographically.

    I am not being mean in what I just said, I really would love to see one someday and possibly leave earth.
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