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Thread: Mine rewamp idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onarr View Post
    Mines would be useful even in current condition if they actually gave XP
    Yea without them giving exp they are more than useless. Too expensive to build, too many points invested to scavange, too unpredicitble and you get nothing rewarded for them killing zeds anyways. That last bit you mentioned kinda puts a final nail in their coffin.

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    I really like the idea of rebalancing the mines. Such explosives in current state bring more of a frustration factor and a quick death penalty.

    Mines should rather shutter the bones and grant bleeding out effect. This item can be balanced in a way the icon of hazard could pop out near the proximity of an explosive etc. (HUD icon or small indicator over the mine) and also friendly mines planted by friends would not trigger the explosion - making the game more friendly for newcomers and more tweakable for experienced community.

    Also I have in mind explosives that could be only activated under motorcycles and 4x4 trucks and having by that timed/repair stage immobility effect on vehs (sitting duck impact), that would be interesting in multiplayer in case of vehicular raids etc. Idk why vehicles have to be repaired with the use of repair kit, several repair kits is a resource draining blunder - Im speaking here for myself. Instant repairs of vehicules in PvP is usually OP and having a tool that repairs vehicle in stages would bring more game balancing impact in dynamic battles.

    Sniper class with explosive perk can become a great combo. Claymores are a great addition and I hope they wont be auto generated in the worlds environment - rather craftable items and seldom to be found. Simple traps that could set zombies on fire, so much stuff to be explored.
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