We pushed A18.1 b6 to EXP!

We, among other things, fixed the issue where windows clients could not connect to Linux servers.

We added a new video option "Texture Filter", try lowering it, if your performance takes a hit.

Please report bugs here.

Please do start a new game to not risk a problem when going back to A18 b155.

To Opt in:

Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list
Right click and select properties
Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build

To potentially help with FPS problems:
#1 lower game's texture quality
#2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame
#3 lower game's screen resolution
#4 lower texture filter settings

Do not go out alone !


Here is what changed with this build:

  • Mining iron ore yields iron
  • Increased blood bag stack size
  • Removed glass helper from loot
  • Removed empty chance from cntSodaFountain
  • PerkBoomstick increases rate of fire up to 50%
  • Mechanical parts and springs are not craftable
  • Eating glass is more efficient, generating a death penalty of 25%.

  • From the shadows perk has 2 typo's
  • Wrong header on perkArtOfMiningCoffeeDesc
  • Distant POIs become black on most surfaces
  • Linux servers dont allow players to join (Zack)
  • Knuckles only show in the right hand in MP and third person
  • Bolts appear to stick in air short of touching body
  • Another Junk Turret/Mod dupe
  • Auger (ranged looping items) playing the start sound repeatedly, which makes lots of heat
  • Playing a sound on an entity made heat at wrong position if origin not 0
  • Recipe max count is calculating incorrectly
  • Clients can pick up blocks at the traders while the host cannot.
  • Inventory screens used to exit containers open up their respective tab.
  • Display of blunderbuss / double barrel stats inconsistent with pumpgun
  • Inaccurate description on modGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine and stats on gunPumpShotgun
  • Unintended max range on pump shotgun max magazine capacity
  • Switching to an auger/chainsaw on the hotbar creates a heat event
  • Rebalanced harvesting "heat" after several code fixes. An auger with all the bells, whistles, and perks mining nonstop can barely call a screamer on its own. A steel pick can get up to 80%.
  • Incorrect mining journal and missing distribution of silver/gold/diamond blocks, includes balance of ore “areas”
  • Mined resources have erratic prices
  • Tracking does not reliably show animals.