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Thread: Placing Grass

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    Placing Grass

    So I've run into a problem while making my base look pretty. I renovated one of the nicer houses in the game, and am trying to decorate the front yard. I'd torn down a shed of some kind which had a gravel drive way across the front of the house. I dug the gravel up to put in grass instead, but the forest ground block just converts back to gravel after a couple minutes. If I place dirt, no grass grows, and if I try one of the topsoil blocks from the creative menu, it immediately turns to gravel. If I place asphalt, ice, or any block besides dirt, it ALSO turns to gravel. I'm not sure what's going on, but is there any way for me to place grass down, or am I just doomed to either have empty dirt or gravel? And should this be reported as a bug?
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    I think the dirt will grow grass if exposed to the sun.

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