Hello all survivalist ! ^^
Very happy to play at this newest alpha 18 that is very good.

I have a random problem during the game, this message appear:
"ArgumentException: length...." as can look on my screenshot.


It's appear when i'm on my inventory or during combat with some zombies.

I did proper reinstallation of the game (i had suppressed the roaming\7daystodie folder and the folder in steam).

But this error go randomly and the solution is to do fast escape key twice fast and clic on exit. When i join the session the problem disapear.

My config:
RYZEN 5 3600, 32GB DDR4 3000mhz, GTX-1060 6GB, Full SSD inside and 1080p in game.
Windows 10 1903 Professionnal 64bits
All drivers update ok

Good game all.